Glowing invites, delights, attracts, and appeals.
It exudes confidence and comfort.

Glowing helps you connect, create, and succeed. You feel great about yourself when you glow and in response, others feel great about you.

Why are these women glowing?

You glow when your inner world connects with your outer world. A dream comes true. You excel at something you didn’t think possible. You connect with someone or something in a meaningful way. As a result, you look and feel more attractive.

Glowing is a response to either something that actually happens, or having the confidence that something good will happen.

“You are touching lives and making a huge difference in the way women feel about themselves.  You make it OK to be authentic. We can't thank you enough.”

Alice Cunningham
Co-owner Olympic Hot Tub Company

What does glowing do for you?

The answer is everything! Glowing tells the world how alive you are. Glowing draws others to your light. Glowing creates synergies that help to manifest your desires.

You get the guy, you get the job; you get the clients; you get to
be heard, seen, and appreciated.

The small change theory on glowing

There is a wide body of evidence that supports the fact that it is possible for a small, well-placed change to convert the ordinary to the extraordinary. This is true of glowing. For example, a color that is a shade too bright dampens a glow, while a color that harmonizes with its wearer, creates a visible glow. The same is true for lines and shapes, and even patterns of thought -- harmony brings a glow.

Can you learn to glow?

YES! Absolutely! Knowledge is a powerful catalyst for transformation, especially when it speaks specifically to YOU. Our products and services are not generic panaceas, but carefully tested and proven tools tailored for you.

  • Our Glow Color Analysis is not a formula approach! Over 2,000 colors are evaluated with respect to your coloring to identify the colors that reflect your beautiful energy and make you glow.

  • Our Shape Shifting Style Guide is a guide to the styles that flatter you most. Generated by state-of-the-art software, it is completely based on your measurements. The guide makes it easy for you to shop for transforming garments!

  • A proprietary method we have tested and developed will show you how to create an enlivening Personal Style based on your unique and authentic essence.

  • Our Miracle Project workshops teach the art of transformation tailored by you and for you.

Generalized answers won’t make you glow! But answers that are tailored for you will speak so strongly that you will find it easy to apply them. And applying this transforming knowledge will open the door to rejuvenation and miracles.

Three catalysts activate transformation through our programs:

      1.    Enabling you to look and feel so attractive that you glow

      2.   Teaching you how to use miracle making principles to create extraordinary life experiences

      3.   Clearing limiting thought and emotional patterns to produce more natural and optimistic glowing

Igniting the power of YES!

We help you discover more yeses about yourself than you can imagine. Yeses that are not empty platitudes, but instead blaze with the flame of truth. Our tools are based on recent brain research and time-tested aesthetics. They bring real shifts, not surface makeovers that aren’t likely to last.

There are free goodies here!

I invite you to have a look around this site. It is full of useful information and soul-powered examples of how to use YES! to achieve glow. Then, I invite you to take the easy, next step of signing up for the free newsletter. It is published every four to six weeks and offers fresh, glow-enhancing ideas.
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